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Sunday's Sermon

We invite you to read and reflect upon this week's sermon written by Rev. Dr. Dong Ha Kim.


Leprosy Mission
Did you know we accept used stamps for the Leprosy Mission?  This is a fundraiser for the organization.  Make sure there is a good border around the stamp.  The stamp (and used spectacles) box is the blue box  which is always in the Narthex.  Tena Bergwall picks up the stamps and makes sure they are ready to go to the Leprosy Mission.



Thank you so much to all of the people who donated, bought, and helped out in any way at the yard sale yesterday morning. You are all so generous! All money raised will help to send 8 kids and myself to Canada Youth this summer. It will run from July 5th to 10th at Brock University in Ste. Catharines, Ont.





Whether church has always been part of your life or you're coming for the very first time, you will be made to feel warmly welcomed.”

We're a congregation committed to being and becoming a caring community in Christ through worship, fellowship and mission.

Our web site is designed for both members and visitors. If you are a visitor we hope our web site will give you a sense of who we are as a church family and will answer any questions you might have. If you are a member, you will find current information, past sermons, details on all of our ministries, links to the broader church, and even an opportunity to participate in the sermon for next Sunday.


Re Shopping cart... Back to the Basics...
Donations made to the shopping cart will be forwarded to Samaritan House Ministries..  Our suggestion for May.. canned fruits and vegetables and June.. personal hygiene items .. soaps, etc.



SUNDAY May 22nd:
11 am - Worship Service

MONDAY May 23rd:
No events

TUESDAY May 24th:

7pm - Bible Basics


7pm - Youth Group

THURSDAY May 26th:

10 am - Men's Coffee
10 am - Room 2 Run Playgroup

FRIDAY May 27th:
No events

SATURDAY May 28th:
No events

SUNDAY May 29th:

11 am - Worship Service

Coming Soon

June 19th—Church Picnic
Stay tuned for details.


Got cake?
On May 29th, we will be having a Sunday School/Nursery 'Moment of Appreciation' at our worship service.  That same morning our plan is to extend that appreciation to   those in our congregation who are in their 90s or will be in their 90s this year... the 90-agers!

With that in mind, might we invite and provide transportation for these people and recognize them  for their years of worshiping and serving in this congregation and in other congregations over many years. 

You can help!  If you know a '90-ager', please tell them of this event and if they need transportation, please forward their names to Helen Dalling 204-728-3846 or Arlene Robertson 204-728-5387.  And if you are a 90-ager ...this is your invitation!
Of course there will be cake,  deliciously made by Stephen Mitchell!






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